Adult Education and Spiritual Formation



We offer a variety of learning opportunities to shape our lives as people of faith. These include:



Adult Bible Study, led by Bob and Bobbie D’Reaux, meets Sunday mornings in the Church Library at 9:30. The class engages in robust study and conversation of the sermon text, a great way to enhance your appreciation of the day’s message. Contact Bob and Bobbie D’Reaux, 253-8910,

Forum Class encourages open discussion as we explore a variety of topics of the Bible, current events, and church history. Topics this year include: Prayer and Meditation led by Kate de Barros and Ann Jahnes, and The Beginnings of Christianity, led by John Ferraro. Forum Class meets at 10:00 Sunday mornings.  Contact Kate de Barros 477-9099,

Remember Who You Are, a study of the Old Testament prophets, part of the Disciple Study series, is led by John Ferraro and Ann Jahnes. This study is enhanced by video presentation by biblical scholars, and requires several hours of reading each week. Contact John 933-4624, Ann 457-6811,

Stephen Ministry provides quality one-on-one ministry of care to members of our congregation and community who are experiencing a crisis in their lives. Contact Ginny Prunty 240-672-3186, Julia Zapf 448-0976, or Ann 457-6811,