Path 2


Leading Transition

“I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

 For me, these words of Jesus are at the heart of ministry. They express God’s promise for us to live the fullness of well-being, generosity, and joy. This is not the same thing as material wealth. It is the richness of sacred living.

On the day after our meetings, June 26, 2018, I commemorate 35 years of ordination as a minister. Over the years, much of my ministry has changed. But I think that consistently, this has always been my hope for ministry: to encourage sacred living, to help others discover the abundant life, which is to see God and to follow Christ day by day. I believe that is my life purpose. I still have much to learn and grow. I am glad to walk this path with you!

This summer we are prioritizing what it means to lead our congregation in transition. Leading transition takes the ideas, experience, and work of all of us. Thank you for your input and your commitment. I am excited to discover where this exploration leads us. God has equipped us well.

Remember, God loves you, and so do I!
Pastor Ann