We are “the church on the way to the ferry” in the beautiful coastal town of Southport, North Carolina. Our congregation draws from communities of Southport, Oak Island, Boiling Spring Lakes, St. James, Bolivia, and more. We joyfully strive for inspirational worship, theological study and spiritual exploration, social engagement, and vital multigenerational life. 

Joy, Hope & Unity for All Read about our liturgical artist’s thoughts behind the design of our rainbow cross.

Watch Our Service of Worship – July 5, 2020, 10:00 am
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost – The Communion of Saints

Gracious God, we receive this new day as a gift from you. You invite us to come to your Table of
grace, and you invite us to come to life with you. Guide us to see signs of compassion. You spoke to
the prophets, but your message did not end with them. There is still work to be done, and we pray to
hear your call afresh. Help us to joyfully claim our role, knowing that you provide all that we need
to do our work. As we gather to worship you, guide us to see signs of compassion. Open our minds
to your spirit of wisdom, open our hearts to your spirit of truth that we may love all of your people
with a love that speaks of justice, kindness and radical grace.
In your holy and merciful name we pray, Amen.

Our Vision 
is to be an accepting spiritual home for all,
actively glorifying God,  sharing in the love of Jesus Christ
and witnessing to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Values
a God whose love never fails
Embracing and supporting all people at any stage of life,
Nurturing growth in each unique faith journey
Serving others with humility, compassion and justice

Our Mission
As disciples of Jesus Christ, led by the Spirit, we are committed to:
Deepening our relationship with God and each other
Discerning God’s will for our church
Caring for our neighbor and one another
Cherishing differences knowing we are united in faith
Acting as faithful stewards of God’s abundance.

All are welcome here!