It is time for a special tradition here at SPC. It will be different this year, but the heart of the project will not change! Our goal is to share God’s love and blessings at Christmas.

Our church works closely with Southport Elementary. Each year we are given the names of families that are in need. Our concept is unique in two very special ways. First, we adopt the entire family, not just the children at the school. We include all members of the family.  Secondly, we keep these families for an entire year. We remember birthdays, holidays, back to school, etc.

 We are blessed to be able to adopt four different families; a total of six adults and ten children.
Click here to view or download a screen shot with instructions of the sign up program.

Click here to sign up for the gift(s) you would like to contribute.
(No need to “Create a Sign Up” or “Log In” on top of the SignUPGenius program page – just scroll down to the SPC Angel Tree sign up list.)

Once you have signed up for the gifts you would like to donate, you will receive an email that will confirm your gift choice(s). We are aware that circumstances are very different this year. If you are uncomfortable shopping, both Wal-Mart, Amazon and many other stores offer online shopping. We are also happy to help you purchase the items you desire. Some gifts are very specific regarding size, etc. Others are more general and for the family as a whole. Gift cards to Wal-Mart are also listed and easy to purchase.  These will be used for Matthews Ministry, Providence Home and Christmas dinner for the families. Any questions, please contact Julia Hill or Sue Meyer.

The Angle Tree Virtual Signup Link above should be user friendly. However, if you have any technical issues, please contact either Carson Williams, Peg Johnson or Ginny Prunty.

Wrap your gifts and clearly mark them with the name of the recipients. If possible, please include gift receipts. Bring gifts to the church and place them under the angel tree. There is a basket on a stand next to the tree for the gift cards, which do not need to be wrapped. If you prefer us to pick up from you, we are also able to do that. Our deadline to bring all gifts to the church is Monday morning, December 14th.

This year our beautiful tree in the church narthex is filled with
sweet little angels to remind us of the project, but all signups are virtual.
The donations are growning!