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Elder and Deacon Ministries

Another way to participate is to be involved in a committee. Most committees meet on the 2nd Monday afternoon or evening of each month.
Please call the Church Office 457-6811 for information, or the leaders listed below.

Administration – Linda Daily, Elder
Adult Christian Education – Kate de Barros, Elder
APNC – Ken Kaley, Elder
Building & Grounds – Dave Gauck, Elder,  Rhodes Messick, Elder & Erik Hedblom, Deacon
Children, Youth & Family – Judy Wetzig, Elder
Clerk of Session – Anna Amato
Congregational Care – Marcia Fetter, Deacon & Carol Morrill, Deacon
Fellowship & Recreation – John Ferraro, Deacon & Jane Henderson, Deacon
Finance/Stewardship – John Henderson, Elder
Liaison to Deacons – Marcie Addams, Elder
Long Range Planning – Doug Morrill, Elder
Mission – Mike Carneiro, Elder & Tom Krieger, Elder
Small Groups – Judy Geck, Deacon
Welcome – Bob Blaber, Deacon & Al Yoshimura, Deacon
Worship – Judy Elledge, Deacon