We are “the church on the way to the ferry” in the beautiful coastal town of Southport, North Carolina. Our congregation draws from communities of Southport, Oak Island, Boiling Spring Lakes, St. James, Bolivia, and more. We joyfully strive for inspirational worship, theological study and spiritual exploration, social engagement, and vital multigenerational life. 

A Service for Worship
Second Sunday of Advent December 6, 2020
Sacrament of the Holy Communion
Nativity – Born into Love
Order of Worship Bulletin

This saying is attributed to the monk Angelus Silesus:
Christ may be born a thousand times in Galilee, but all in vain, until he is born again in me.
To be born into the Nativity is to be born into love, again.
Today, our theme is Love. Beloved, let us worship God!