Message from the Reopening Task Force
 Beginning this week, Brunswick County lifted the mandatory use of face coverings for county employees and visitors to most County Government buildings and facilities. Face coverings will remain required in county clinical setting that offer health care services. The notice from Brunswick County notes that the updated policy “is for county government buildings only. Other organizations within Brunswick County may have their own face covering policies in place.”
The mask policy at Southport Presbyterian Church is established by the Reopening Task Force. The Task Force, meeting every two weeks, reviews updated COVID statistics concerning the number of new cases in our church service area as well as testing positivity rates. At our last meeting on October 28, we reviewed the statistics. Both new cases and positivity rates have decreased, but not to the levels established as benchmarks by the Task Force. Hopefully, at our next meeting the downward trend will continue and we can discuss the mask mandate in church, which is actually a discussion that occurs at every meeting. However, in the meantime, you must continue to wear a face mask in church at all times.
Thank you for your consideration, patience and understanding.